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About Us

This is who we are

A company who wishes to bridge the gap between technology and affordability. We bring digital goods at prices they should be sold for.

When we started to develop websites around the year 2008, we were very new in the market and had very low funds to invest in products. We took projects, created custom plugins for WordPress according to the need and gave it to our clients. We were not charging our clients exorbitant amounts for it.

Later one of our clients told us that a plugin with the same principle used on his website was sold on a website for around 200 USD. We saw the product page and we came to know that the company was charging the amount for plugin + support. Now we thought why should another company pay 200 USD if they have the coding skills and don’t need the support ?

We asked the developers if we could skip the support plan ? They said NO. It was compulsory for 1st year. That is when WooGang’s idea was born. We now provide plugins that are licensed under GPL for low prices excluding the support. This helps people who are learning WordPress and WooCommerce as they can learn new technologies in an affordable price. It also helps new businesses, as they can spend more on their product and less on their online presence.