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August 2016 Week 2 Update

August 2016 Week 2 Update


We have brought some new products and updates to our platform in the last few days. Hope you enjoy them.
You can always request a new product on our website here :

List of New Products and Updates :

  1. Jakobi – Yith WordPress Theme
  2. Iris – Yith WordPress Theme
  3. Globe – Yith WordPress Theme
  4. Desire – Yith WooCommerce Theme
  5. Celestino – Yith WordPress Theme
  6. Boemia – Yith WordPress Theme
  7. Social Login – WooCommerce
  8. Customer History – WooCommerce
  9. Aweber Newsletter Subscription – WooCommerce
  10. Bulk Variation Forms – WooCommerce

We have added a lot more products. Visit our website at to know more and check out our latest additions.

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