Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing
Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing
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Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing



Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing provides a complete license key generation, activation, and checking system for your store.
Version: 3.8.7
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on EDD.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing:

Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing provides a complete license key generation, activation, and checking system. It allows you to provide license keys along with your digital products that can then be used to properly license and activate the buyer’s copy of the software. Whether you are selling WordPress plugins, themes, or any other kind of software, including video games and desktop applications, the Software Licensing add-on will become a huge asset for you that also helps to take your business to the next level.

License key management

Through simple, intuitive interfaces Software Licensing allows site admins to easily view and manage customer license keys. Each individual license key includes a complete details screen that makes all relevant purchase and customer data easily accessible. License key generation can be enabled on each product in your store separately and every product gets its own settings, allowing you to easily sell many different product variations and non-software products at the same time.

Licensing API

Software Licensing includes a complete and easy to use JSON API that can be used for activating, checking, and validating license keys. This provides software developers a way to remotely activate and validate license keys within software applications.

The API includes methods for the following requests:

  • License activation
  • License deactivation
  • Latest version / update details
  • License validation

See the API documentation for an example.

License renewals

Software Licensing allows customers to renew their license keys when they are nearing expiration. The renewal system provides automated email reminders. These can be sent to customers when a license is about to expire, and from the email, customers can, with a single click, go directly to your store and renew their license key. Renewal discounts can be configured by site administrators. It helps incentivize customers to renew their license keys. Site administrators can also manually renew license keys on behalf of customers. You can manually email renewal notices to customers, or renew it any time. Software Licensing also provides a complete reporting view that displays a graph of license renewals and earnings. It also shows those from renewals over time so you can better understand how many customers renew their licenses.

The renewal system is also fully integrated with the Recurring Payments plugin, allowing you to set up automatic renewals with recurring subscriptions.

and much more.