WooCommerce One Page Checkout
WooCommerce One Page Checkout
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WooCommerce One Page Checkout



WooCommerce One Page Checkout helps your customers checkout in just one page increasing your conversion rate and in turn your sales.
Version: 1.9.5
100% Original Plugin. The same plugin found on WC.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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  • 100% Original Files
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  • Includes Product Updates
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WooCommerce One Page Checkout:

We have seen many extensions for WooCommerce that deal with abandonment like Cart Reports, Follow-Ups and Abandon Carts Pro. Third-party tools like Roost do the same. The problem is they were targeting the customer after they have already abandoned the cart. But you should be targeting why your client is abandoning the cart.

There have been many studies showing us some of the key reasons for cart abandonment in eCommerce. Almost 70% of them are due to the cumbersome and lengthy checkout process. One Page Checkout is the extension that will help you solve this issue by simplifying your store’s checkout process. This, in turn, will reduce the cart abandonment rate.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout gives you a high power of shortcodes and using the same you can create any numbers of checkout pages for any number of products. Each page can be customized to suit your needs. Only one page shows up, so it combines your cart and purchases page reducing server load. The whole checkout process is transparent.

You can use WooCommerce One Page Checkout with subscriptions, multiple and single products and memberships. Easy shortcodes enable a simpler comparison between various membership levels.