WooCommerce Order Delivery
WooCommerce Order Delivery
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WooCommerce Order Delivery



WooCommerce Order Delivery helps the customer select the specified delivery date for the order he is going to place at your online store.
Version: 2.3.2
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WC.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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  • 100% Original Files
  • Downloaded directly from the Developer
  • Includes Product Updates
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WooCommerce Order Delivery:

Enable customers to select a delivery date for their order

For any store owner, the most important part is quick and timely delivery. The first step to a successful store is bringing your customers to your website. And the last step is making them happy with delivery as expected. Hence the delivery of goods plays an important role in any online store. So any effort made for enhancing the quality of delivery is very important. Not only it gives satisfaction to the customer but also encourages them to become a repeat customer.

Order Delivery plugin is specially designed to make the whole process much simpler and smoother. It allows the customer to choose when to deliver items so that they are ready to accept delivery. A lot of customers complain of non-delivery of the item due to the unavailability of the customer. Now you can empower to choose delivery time and date. Hence no more customer complaints.

Key Features

  • Delivery date picker, integrated into the checkout process
  • Specify dates where deliveries are not available, e.g., holidays, closed periods or other situations
  • Display the estimated delivery period, instead of a date selector
  • Disable specific date ranges for shipping to specific countries or states
  • Shipping calendar within WooCommerce to see an overview of upcoming shipments