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WooCommerce Paytrail

$79.00 $4.99


WooCommerce Paytrail

$79.00 $4.99

Accept credit card or bank payments with Paytrail. Paytrail allows you to offer each customer their preferred payment method.
Version: 2.4.2
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WC.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

WooCommerce Paytrail:

WooCommerce Paytrail:

One Contract. One partner. All payment methods.

Paytrail (formerly Suomen Verkkomaksut) lets you accept payments via Banks and Credit Cards. Their service contains a card payment option, online banking buttons to all Finnish banks, invoice option, and the all-new Paytrail account. Paytrail allows your business to offer each customer their preferred payment method. You will stop losing sales because customers will be able to select the payment method of their choice! Paytrail is the leading e-payment method provider in Finland. They are expanding globally. You don’t need contracts directly and separately with every bank – you get them all with one deal in Paytrail! The plugin works by redirecting the client to Paytrail. The client chooses their payment method and pays the amount. The client is then sent back to your site once payment is complete.

Why Choose Paytrail?

  • You can accept bank account and credit card payments through your website.
  • Avoid security concerns since payments process through Paytrail.
  • Accept bank payments, Visa®, MasterCard® and more.
  • Fin-FSA has only licensed Paytrail for e-payments.

Secure Processing of Payments:

Customers select Paytrail during the checkout process to pay and click “Place Order”. The customer is then directed off-site to choose their preferred payment method and to make their payment through Paytrail’s secure servers and then goes back to your site. The plugin allows you to accept multiple forms of payments and with several banks all in one easy, secure checkout integration.


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