WooCommerce PDF Watermark



WooCommerce PDF Watermark secures your eBooks and PDF documents with text or image watermarks on your PDF downloads or enables password and/or copy protection.
Version: 1.6.2
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WC.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.


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WooCommerce PDF Watermark:

In the early days of WooComemrce, we had a customer for whom we developed a nice website for selling its digital content mainly e-books developed by him. But after only a few months, his work was all over the internet. It was available free of cost as downloads from many of the popular ebook sharing and downloading websites. That customer had to ultimately close his own creation. Since then we have been looking for a good solution to avoid such a scenario in the future.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark is definitely the solution though it came very late in the market. This is one of the must-have an extension for all sellers selling PDFs and Ebooks using WooCommerce. This is mainly created with the objective of preventing abuse of your work. So now whenever someone buys PDF, you can send a copy of PDF file with a watermark on them. So even if they share this file illegally, you can control buyers and file litigation against him/her.

Not only that it also comes with other protection measures like password protection, copy, and printing prohibition to avoid illegal sharing and printing of your work. It is very simple to use the extension. Simple select your method of prevention- either global or per product or per variation and select the watermark you want to use and that’s it.