WooCommerce Review for Discounts
WooCommerce Review for Discounts
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WooCommerce Review for Discounts



WooCommerce Review for Discounts lets you send coupons and discounts to the customers who leave reviews for the products they have bought.
Version: 1.6.22
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WC.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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WooCommerce Review for Discounts:

You shouldn’t waste any opportunity that will help you promote your website. Your WooCommerce store comes with a powerful review feature which is available by default. Your customer will never see the reviews if your design isn’t showing it properly.

Why are reviews important? One of the most important reasons to have reviewed is that your customer will feel trust on your website. By looking at the reviews, will give them confidence that others have already purchased from you and are happy customers. An SEO related benefit, this will be directly reflected in SCHEMA while displaying your result in Google Search. And better your reviews, better are the chances of someone clicking on your website result.

The extension works on the concept of providing incentives to those customers who leave reviews for the products they purchased. By simple, easy UI and configuration, you will be able to send discount coupon codes to all those who leave reviews. They can use the codes in their future transactions. Thus it has dual benefits, one that will increase your product ratings and another is that will make your one-time buyer into a repeat buyer.