WooCommerce Variations as Single Products



WooCommerce Variations as Single products helps you show variations as single products in your WooCommerce shop or category pages.
Version: 1.3.10
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WooCommerce Variations as Single Products:

Do it like Amazon or the other big online shops: Show variations as single products in your WooCommerce shop or category pages. With the neat plugin, you are able to transform boring variable products into single products, that the user can buy or view directly.

Why do you need this?

  1. Users can directly view variations inside your WooCommerce shop and categories
  2. Customers can add variations to their cart directly without having to select everything
  3. It increases your SEO traffic by creating more specific internal links

Incredible Features

Our plugin comes with multiple features, that will help you to easily set up single variations.

Show Variations as Single Products

Instead of just showing one variable product, our plugin will show all variations directly as single products inside your shop & category pages.

Exclude Products or Categories

Exclude variable products, single variations, or whole categories with ease

UNIQUE: Custom or Dynamic Title

Define a custom variation title or use our dynamic title feature which will automatically name variations like “T-Shirt in Color grey and Size 30”.

Filtering supported

The filtering by attributes is well supported by our plugin.

Product search supported

The Woo product search shows variations as single products.

WPML & Woo Compatible

Our plugin was tested with WPML and WooCommerce’s latest version.

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