YITH Automatic Role Changer



YITH Automatic Role Changer helps you assign advantages to a specific user automatically by just simply installing this plugin.
Version: 1.33.0
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on YITH.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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YITH Automatic Role Changer (Premium Plugin):

Such is the nature of business: each customer is different from the other. Knowing well your price policies and your way of dealing with them, they always want more and if you don’t grant it, they will get frustrated and move on to your competitors

How many different types of customers have you got?

Some of them want to be treated differently from others. Because they buy many products each month, those who want to be privileged because they are old-time customers and so on.

But how could you possibly give privileges to each one of your customers, knowing that each one of you has different needs?

Sure, when we manage a small store, we can surely change the user role by accessing WooCommerce’s options. Effectively giving them advantages others don’t have, but when these customers become 10, 20 or 100 it may become a problem.

The most important thing is to assign advantages to a specific user automatically!

The YITH Automatic Role Changer handles this job while working alongside with your needs and your customer’s.

After installing it you will be able to, for instance, assign a specific user role to all of those who buy a specific product or assign the VIP role to those who go over a certain purchase amount or even do that for a specific time frame as well.

Do you realize how strong this marketing strategy can be?

This plugin is ready to be paired with membership plugins, subscription ones, points and reward systems and so on. Find out all of the features and integration with other plugins.