YITH WooCommerce Payment Method Restrictions



YITH WooCommerce Payment Method Restrictions allow you to enable different payment methods for different scenarios.
Version: 1.22.0
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YITH WooCommerce Payment Method Restrictions (Premium Plugin):

As I’m sure you know, successful businessmen never miss a beat, and the digital market is no exception to this rule. YITH WooCommerce Payment Method Restrictions come in handy in this scenario.

However, do you know some parts of the purchase process are often completely ignored or omitted?

For example, have you ever wondered if it would be more advantageous or appropriate to let your customers choose a payment method rather than another when purchasing certain products?

You would probably have more benefits to allow purchasing some products only with credit cards rather than bank transfer or Paypal. But, for the time being, this is not possible and you are inevitably missing this advantage.

I’ll be blunt. If the first rule in business is to not miss anything and optimize every single process. Especially in sales, you can’t give up so easily, can you?

You will then be happy to know that the features of our plugin Payment Method Restrictions for WooCommerce, solves this problem in the best possible way.

Here is what you could do right off. You could exclude or allow certain payment methods through specific rules you will configure in a few seconds.

For example, you could allow credit card payments only for all those orders exceeding a certain amount. Or you can exclude Paypal payments for some products. You could even insert different banks for payments made via bank transfer and associate them with different products.