YITH WooCommerce Product Description in Loop

$179.00 $4.99


YITH WooCommerce Product Description in Loop

$179.00 $4.99

YITH WooCommerce Product Description in Loop generates a text area on the product detail page which you can edit or add as per your wish.
Version: 1.0.4
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on YITH.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.


YITH WooCommerce Product Description in Loop:

YITH WooCommerce Product Description in Loop (Premium Plugin):

The YITH Product Description in Loop is a basic and versatile plugin that allows customizing your product description text shown in the loop (so, on the Shop page, in product sliders and so on).

It’ll be up to YOU to choose how to show your products on the Home page or on the Shop page, with structured descriptions capable of quickly attract your customers’ attention and to make them click on the product to learn more about it.

This is the reason why YITH have designed this plugin. They came to a realization that the plugin description texts on their home page did not faithfully represent what the plugin is. As the short text of the product detail page is set up automatically. The loop text used to show a few lines of nonsense text, sometimes even broken sentences.

Looking into our customers’ e-commerce websites made it clear to them that it’s a common issue. All WooCommerce users experience because almost all of their shops are showing texts. The description is neither suitable for the market nor useful nor informative in any way for the users.

This is how they shaped YITH Product Description in Loop. A simple as well as the powerful plugin that generates a textarea on the product detail page. Here you can add (and format) the text that will replace the default one in WooCommerce loop.

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