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YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms allows you to create advanced user management, where you can create custom roles for each user.
Version: 1.2.16
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on YITH.
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YITH WooCommerce Quick Order Forms (Premium Plugin):

For most existing businesses, there are two different types of customers. “simple” customers, who buy products for themselves, and “resellers”, who sell products to their own customers’ pool.

While the first type is often an occasional user, the reseller is a loyal, stable customer who buys multiple times over time. Resellers purchase tens, hundreds, thousands of units of the same product. This is continuous (eg on a weekly or monthly basis). In practice, the reseller is, for the company he chooses to buy, a guarantee. These are your most important customers.

So here is the philosophy behind the YITH Quick Order Forms plugin. To offer resellers the opportunity to buy it as easy, immediately and intuitively as possible. Making sure that every retailer has access to a product page shaped after their needs. This can show, for example, only the products that they are actually interested in or the ones that they most frequently buy. Make it even easier to search for specific products, let them choose the number of products they want to buy. Let them simply add the products to their orders with one click and staying on the same page. This eliminates the unnecessary time spent waiting for different pages of your e-commerce to load.