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Updates for 10th October 2020

The products mentioned below have been updated. Check out the Updates for 10th October 2020.

Crocoblock Bundle
Learndash Bundle
MemberPress Bundle
The Events Calendar Bundle
WP All Import Export Bundle
Divi Booster Version 3.3.1
GeneratePress Premium Version 1.12.2
Flow Flow WordPress Plugin Version 4.6.6
PixelYourSite Pro Version 7.7.0
Real Media Library Version 4.9.10
Foton Themeforest Theme Version 1.5.3
Gon Themeforest Theme Version 2.1.3
Listify Themeforest Theme Version 2.13.3
Marketo Themeforest Theme Version 2.8
Motors Themeforest Theme Version 4.9.1
Shopkeeper Themeforest Theme Version 2.9.33
WooCommerce Advanced Notifications Version 1.2.28
WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage Version 2.1.22
WooCommerce Anti Fraud Version 3.0
WooCommerce Branding Version 1.0.28
WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management Version 2.2.30
WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns Version 1.1.15
WooCommerce Freshdesk Version 1.1.27
WooCommerce Give Products Version 1.1.11
WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Wizard Version 3.7.1
WooCommerce Order Delivery Version 1.8.0
WooCommerce Photography Version 1.0.27
WooCommerce Products Compare Version 1.0.22
WooCommerce Slack Version 1.2.6
WooCommerce Splash Popup Version 1.2.19
WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download Version 1.10.27
WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Version 1.2.16
WooSlider Product Slideshow Version 1.0.22
WooSwatches WooCommerce Color and Label Variations Version 3.0.12
YITH WooCommerce Memberships Premium Version 1.3.27
YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium Version 2.0.13
YITH WooCommerce Subscription Premium Version 2.1.0

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