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We are Evolving

We are Evolving

This may be a different title for you, but yes, we are evolving. We are going to change a few things and how we work in the next few weeks.

Lets see what is going to be changed:

  1. Subscriptions is now Memberships. People find it easy when the word membership is said. So we changed the name. Nothing else.
  2. Bundles. We are bringing bundles for you. Don’t need all the plugins? Well you don’t need to buy a membership then. Just buy the bundle and you can get updates for 1 year at a smaller price of just $19.99 a year. Isn’t that great?
  3. Blog to Updates. Renaming our blog to updates. Just so it’s easy for everyone to find updates.
  4. Helpdesk. Our current helpdesk confuses people. So we are going to make you reach us simpler. Now you can just email us at [email protected] and we are all ready to help you. You can also visit and find help.

We haven’t decided if we need a design change or not. But we would like your feedback on it, should we change our design? Is it simple enough? Mention your views in the comment section below.

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