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Updates for 7th February 2024

The products mentioned below have been updated. Check out the updates for 7th February 2024.

Admin Columns Pro Bundle
AutomatorWP Bundle
WordPress SEO Premium Bundle
WPClever Bundle
Divi Supreme Version 4.9.90
Elementor Pro Version 3.19.1
FiboSearch Pro Version 1.27.1
Perfmatters Version 2.2.4
PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin Version 8.10.0
Really Simple SSL Pro Version 7.2.6
WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional Version
WooCommerce Upload Files Version 75.8
WP Real Media Library – File and Folder Manager Version 4.22.7
WP Staging Pro Version 5.3.3
Accalia Theme Version 1.4.6
Barta Theme Version 2.0.3
BeTheme Theme Version 27.3.6
Digi Theme Version 1.8.4
Jupiter Theme Version 4.0.0
ListingPro Theme Version 2.9.3
Konte Theme Version 2.3.5
MediaCenter Theme Version 2.7.22
Merchandiser Theme Version 3.2.0
MinimogWP Theme Version 3.1.5
Mr. Tailor Theme Version 5.2.0
Shopkeeper Theme Version 3.7.0
The Hanger Theme Version 3.2.0
The Retailer Theme Version 4.2.0
White Theme Version 5.0.0
Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce Version 1.4.1
Request a Quote for WooCommerce Version 2.6.3
WooCommerce Amazon Fulfilment Version
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Version 3.22.2
WooCommerce Nested Category Layout Version 1.20.0
WooCommerce Product Documents Version 1.15.1
WooCommerce Product Retailers Version 1.17.1
WooCommerce RedSys Gateway Version 24.3.1
WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos Version 3.1.9
WooCommerce WorldPay Extension Version 5.3.3
YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium Version 3.3.0
YITH WooCommerce Pre Order Premium Version 2.20.0

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