Admin Columns Pro Bundle



Admin Columns Pro Bundle helps manage the columns that display on your WordPress admin screens and sort, filter, edit & export your content with great ease.
Updated: 7th February 2024
100% Original Plugin. The same plugins found on Admin Columns Pro.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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Admin Columns Pro Bundle:

Manage the columns that display on your WordPress admin screens and Sort, Filter, EditExport your content with great ease.

Better Insights

Display any content for users, media, and all post types on your list screens. Including all custom field data.

Sort & Filter

Filter and sort any column to quickly find the right content.

Faster Editing

Save time by editing any column value right in the overview page.

Export your Content

Export WordPress content, like posts and users, into a CSV format.

Add Columns to Fit Your Needs

With Admin Columns, you can add columns to your overview pages so that you can see the more important information. For example, the thumbnail you have assigned to a blog post, the tags you have added, and the total number of words in the article.

You can sort and filter content based on the column content, and the best part is that you can edit most content from the overview screen itself.

Lightning Fast Editing

Edit your posts without opening them. With inline edit, you can edit your posts directly from the post overview page. Want to change the featured image, add tags, or edit the title of your post? Just click ‘Inline Edit’ and you can edit pretty much all of your fields faster than you can say Admin columns.

Sorting Your Content

Sometimes you want to sort your posts by length, the number of comments, or the size of the images. While WordPress only allows you to sort by title, date, comments, and author, Admin Columns can sort almost any type of content you want, including comments, users, and media.

We also store the latest sorted column as your personal preference so when you come back the content is sorted just the way you left it.

Filter on Columns

We know how it goes: the more content you add, the harder it gets to find the post or page you are looking for. By filtering data you can narrow down your search to the posts you want to see. An indispensable feature if you just want to see posts from last month, for example.

You can enable filtering for pretty much any type of content. An easy drop-down menu allows you to select the options you wish to filter. It’s fast and simple to use and it shows you exactly what you want to see.

Create Multiple Column Sets

Is your screen too small to fit all columns in your overview page?

With column sets, you can create different views of your screens in seconds. Decide which columns go into which column set and easily switch between those sets with a drop-down menu.

Limit your column sets to specific roles or users to make the overview page more efficient for specific tasks.

Export to CSV

With the export feature of Admin Columns, you can create your own custom exports of your WordPress content in a CSV format. You can export a custom selection by filtering and sorting your content first.

Add-Ons Included:

  1. ACF Addon
  2. WooCommerce Addon
  3. Pods Addon
  4. BuddyPress Addon
  5. Toolset Types Addon
  6. Ninja Forms Addon
  7. The Events Calendar Addon
  8. Yoast Addon