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Build custom workflows to automate your form-based business processes with the Gravity Flow Bundle.
Updated: 21st February 2024
100% Original Plugin. The same plugins found on GravityFlow.
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Gravity Flow Bundle:

Build custom workflows to automate your form-based business processes with the Gravity Flow Bundle. Automatically route any form submissions, automate the process from start to finish.

Build your forms with Gravity Forms

Use Gravity Forms to add forms for your various business processes (such as hiring, onboarding, payment/invoice processing, leave application processing, and more) to your WordPress website.

Create custom workflows with Gravity Flow

Use Gravity Flow to convert your business processes into automated workflows. Choose from 40+ action steps like approvals, rejections, reverts, and assignments, and conditional logic to design custom interactive workflows for your processes. Process your form submissions any way you like.

Execute and optimize to make your workflows more efficient and keep track of performance

Review the performance of your processes with detailed reports and identify any bottlenecks in your workflows. Your workflows keep getting better and you keep saving more time and money.

Build workflows that do what you need and automate any form-based process

Most businesses can automate most form-based admin business processes entirely with the automation Gravity Flow allows right out-of-the-box. Custom coding is rarely needed.

Truly unlimited scale and fully scalable and affordable

SaaS business process automation solutions usually charge per user/per workflow. What’s doable now might not be as you grow. With Gravity Flow, you pay a simple annual fee for unlimited users and processes.

Keep your data on your server and the plugin is very secure by design

Getting people to fill out forms means you’re collecting data. Keep your data safely on your servers and process it while complying with all data protection regulations that apply. You can even add a “delete data” step to your workflows!

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