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SearchWP Bundle

$299.00 $9.99


SearchWP Bundle

$299.00 $9.99

SearchWP Bundle helps you search for everything that is on your WordPress website easily without changing anything or adding a line of code. Includes all add-ons.
Version: 3.0.7
Add-ons: 9th July 2019

100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on SearchWP.

SearchWP Bundle:

SearchWP WordPress Plugin and Add-ons Bundle:

Instantly improve your site search without writing a line of code with SearchWP Bundle!


PDF and Office Document Indexing

Index the content of PDF, Office, and text documents in your WordPress Media library.

Automatic Integration with Native WP Search, No Coding!

SearchWP’s default engine uses your existing WordPress native search forms and results template.

Multiple Search Engines

Configure individual search engines, each with their own settings to meet your needs. Easily integrate into your theme with step-by-step instructions.

Keyword Stemming

Show better results by using keyword stems instead of exact term matches.

Search Everything

Search your product details, Custom Fields content, Shortcode output, and more!

Exclude or Attribute Results

Easily exclude content from search results, or attribute findings to more appropriate results.

Easy Algorithm Customization

Easily customize how results are ranked using SearchWP’s intuitive interface and weighting system.

WooCommerce Integration

Stop losing money when your customers can’t search for your product details!

bPress Integration

Improve the usefulness of your forums by implementing a powerful, relevant search.

Advanced Custom Fields Support

Stop ignoring content stored in Advanced Custom Fields when searching your site.

and much more.


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