WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation

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WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation provides a richer user experience for your customer and is particularly well-suited for stores that have a lot of variable products or products with a number of attributes.
Version: 2.0.2
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WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation:

The WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation Extension gives you what the big boys have: Drill down navigation, search “filters”. Your customers expect it. Advanced navigation is a must-have feature for any store with more than a few dozen products. Customers will find what they are looking for quicker, which translates into lower bounce rates and more sales for your store.

Give your customers the most sophisticated navigation available for Woocommerce with the plugin.

For instance: Your store contains the following products:  t-shirts, hats, and backpacks.

Each of the products comes in: red, blue, green.

Your customer clicks on “shirts” from the plugin’s widget, then color, “red”. Search results will display only red t-shirt products.

This is how the plugin will help you!