WPMU DEV Admin Panel Tips WordPress Plugin

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WPMU DEV Admin Panel Tips WordPress Plugin helps you randomly display helpful tips, promotions or news in the dashboard of every user across your entire network.
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WPMU DEV Admin Panel Tips WordPress Plugin:

Admin Panel Tips helps you display tips randomly on the top of every page in the WordPress dashboard.

This plugin provides an effective way of sharing tips and tricks to all the registered users on a Multisite network.

Quick Setup

Simply visit the new “Tips” tab under Settings in the network admin dashboard to enter in as many different tips, news, promotions or whatever you choose.

Tips are fully HTML compatible and give you options to edit, add to, save as draft or delete later, so you maintain complete control.

As users navigate the dashboard, active tips display in random order at the top of each page.

Give your users the choice, allow users to toggle tips display on their profile for a cleaner user experience.

The Complete Dashboard Notification Solution

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