YITH WooCommerce Product Size Charts
YITH WooCommerce Product Size Charts
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YITH WooCommerce Product Size Charts



YITH WooCommerce Product Size Charts allows you to provide additional information regarding the product to your customers in a chart.
Version: 1.8.0
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on YITH.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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YITH WooCommerce Product Size Charts (Premium Plugin):

The more information you provide, the more your customers will be happy with your service. And what’s more useful than knowing exactly how a skinny dress suits you. If you cannot try it on before purchasing? A detailed table with all size information is what you need to make your online shop complete. You also avoid misunderstandings during a sale.

The main reason for customers’ dissatisfaction with online orders is not fulfilling their expectations. And maybe this depends neither on you nor on them. It is just that each clothes factory has its own standards for sizes and they differ from each other.

But the problem you have to face is that your customers are disappointed and complain about something that is not your fault. The solution is to inform them in advance about the actual measurements. The probability of misunderstandings really diminishes with this.

That’s why YITH WooCommerce Product Size Charts plugin is here. A plugin that aims at solving this kind of problem. It allows you to provide customers with all the necessary information before purchase. A double benefit for you both. They are happy and you do not get complains about the wrong sizes. This can turn into a waste of time and lost customers.
And there is more. You can use it not only for clothes but for any type of product that requires additional information to be clearly displayed in tables or charts.