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Booster Plus for WooCommerce lets you access hundreds of different features built for WooCommerce in one single plugin.
Version: 7.1.7
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Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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Booster Plus for WooCommerce:

Customize Woo To The MAXX, Replace Many Plugins With Booster Plus for WooCommerce.

Access more than one hundred easy-to-use modules to quickly add customized functionality to your WooCommerce business Without writing a line of code. 

With the Booster Plus for WooCommerce, you get everything you need to fully customize your site’s functionality. That means you download one single plugin and get 100+ different feature modules designed to quickly expand the possibilities of your WooCommerce site. Booster Plus provides a seamless customer experience on the front end and robust admin and reporting tools on the backend.

Customizing your WooCommerce site doesn’t require any coding knowledge whatsoever. If you run a business, you’re probably used to wearing a lot of hats. But, with Booster Plus, you don’t have to wear this one. Implement customizations quickly with Leave the endless hours of coding to the coders. Get the functionality and customization you want for your WooCommerce site quickly without writing a single.


  1. Print Invoices and Packing Slips: Streamline your WooCommerce orders and paperwork, and deliver a seamless customer experience with the PDF Invoicing and Packing Slips module.
  2. Product Addons: Create addons for your WooCommerce products like support services or special offers with the Product Addons Module.
  3. Product Input Fields: Allow your customers to provide more details about their order with the Product Input Fields module. Super handy when selling customized products.
  4. Buttons and Price Labels: Add custom buttons and price labels to your products with this popular module. Set automatic prices for products with an empty price field.
  5. Price & Currencies: Make it easy for customers around the globe to make purchases on your site by displaying their currency with the Prices and Currencies by Country module.
  6. Payment Gateways: Set up multiple payment gateways based on currency, shipping method, country, or state.
  7. Cart & Checkout: Customize the shopping cart and checkout experience. Add coupons, additional fees, custom fields, and buttons with the Cart and checkout modules.
  8. Emails & Additional Tools: Add custom emails, additional recipients, and verification for increased security. Explore miscellaneous reporting and customization tools for increased functionality.

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