WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

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WooCommerce Additional Variation Images lets you show different images for different product variations eg. different colors of T-shirts will show selected color images at a time.
Version: 2.3.2
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WooCommerce Additional Variation Images:

This is one good extension and has great features for your WooCommerce store. If you are selling many products with different variations then his extension is for you. WooCommerce allows you to define one image for any variation of the product. It will not show the remaining images when a buyer selects a different variation. Additional Variation Images – WooCommerce, lets you upload as many images as you want for any product variation. When a buyer selects any variation, all images linked to that variation will be visible below the main product image and remaining images will disappear.

If you are selling T-shirt with variable colors like Blue and Black. You have added 4 images to Blue variation and 3 images to Black variation. When the buyer selects the Blue variation, he will only see those 4 images linked with that variation. If selects black, he will only see 3 images linked to that variation.

Additional Variation Images – WooCommerce will enhance the functionality of your store. It will also give a very professional image in the buyers minds and will ultimately increase loyalty. This plugin has been created with simplicity in mind and hence the complete setup and using the procedure is very simple.