WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus

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WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus lets your customers pick up their orders from your local store instead of you delivering the order at their place.
Version: 2.11.3
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WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus:

This is one of the best enhancement for your WooCommerce store. As such WooCommerce comes with a local pick up option but there are few limitations for that. The customer needs to come to you to pick up at the store. Else he needs to communicate with you and fix up the pickup location. Local Pickup Plus will completely change the way local pickup functionality of your WooCommerce Store. It will give you many new and powerful features that will make you and your customer’s life more peaceful.

Just install this extension and you will be able to define one or more pickup locations. It is displayed to your buyer in frontend and also at the backend on the order confirmation page. This will give very clear instructions to the buyer regarding delivery terms and location. You can also define different rates for different pickup locations.

Local Pickup Plus extension also lets you define pickup plus service to just a few products. Also, you will be able to sell shipping products and pick up a product in a single order without causing any confusion to the buyer or seller. Using the extension is very simple. You just need to upload and activate the extension and you will be presented with some basic settings. You can also define your pickup locations. Once you create a product and select pickup plus option, your customer will be able to choose Local Pickup Plus as the delivery option and also select at which place he/she is comfortable for pickup.

So now you can also offer to buy online and pick up in a store like the big stores Wal-Mart, BestBuy, etc.

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