WooCommerce Anti Fraud Extension

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WooCommerce Anti Fraud Extension helps you prevent fraudulent transactions taking place in your WooCommerce Store by marking them a fraud.
Version: 5.8.7
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WooCommerce Anti Fraud Extension:

This is one of the most powerful extensions developed for the safety and security of your WooCommerce store. Fraudulent and fake transactions can have a great impact on your success. People today place a lot of orders online, and so the fraud level is increasing. It is important for you to keep the security of your customers at the highest level to gain trust and loyalty.

Anti-Fraud Extension comes as a savior to all store owners and gives you great insight into the orders you receive. You will get the exact order status by using the handy rules. It will tell you whether the order is low risk or high risk of being a fraudulent one. It will give you a color-coded indication on your order management page. You can also define prefixed actions like whether you want to cancel the order or put it on hold for manual verification if it is below a certain percentage of safety criteria.

You must be wondering what those rules are? There are many rules starting with the checking of shipping and billing addresses. Checking if names on credit cards and shipping addresses are the same. If the IP address of the order and shipping address are the same or not. And whether a proxy was used for ordering the goods etc.

This extension will prevent many unnecessary orders and will give you ample time to handle legitimate orders. It will also help you give the best customer service. It will also avoid unnecessary hassles of refunds, Charge-backs, and PayPal complaints.

So get the Anti-Fraud Extension today and make your life a little bit simpler.