WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

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WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping lets you charge your customers according to the distance between your warehouse and his/her address. It also allows you to charge for the time taken for transport.
Version: 1.4.3
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WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping:

You have seen extensions for WooCommerce which allow you to set product price as per quantity, size & carrier. WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping are a few of them. These extensions are currently used by millions of sellers. Here is the now a similar extension from WooCommerce. It lets you set your prices as per the distance or total travel time is taken from your location to the buyer. Pricing calculation is very complex and depends on a lot of factors. It is impossible to create one package that covers each and every option. Hence we need multiple extensions to achieve this.

After installing and activating this extension, it will present you bunch of new options. The possibilities are vast, and it will allow you to fix a few of them. It will include, the total time to travel, prices as per distance, the total weight of the products in the cart, charging extra for the total cart value, and the number of items in the cart.

Using the WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping, there are a lot of possibilities. The extension will help you in deciding a price for any complex scenario. Google API key is used to determine distance. Your data is completely secure.