WooCommerce Products Compare

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WooCommerce Products Compare allows you to set up a comparison between multiple products and sell them at the same time.
Version: 1.4.1
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WC.
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WooCommerce Products Compare:

This is one of the most needed extensions that was developed after WooCommerce Bookings and Subscriptions. Many online stores now have started to offer more functionalities than before. If you are a small online store owner, it is difficult to compete with big players.

This extension is for those who want to develop a powerful store and not just yet another WooCommerce store. Using this extension, you will be able to create a complete comparison website within a few minutes. After installing and setting up in the WooCommerce back-end, your customer will see the compare button on each and every item you are selling and they can select multiple similar items and add them in comparison.

This will be a very useful feature if you are selling multiple items in the same category. For example, if you are selling refrigerators and your store offers multiple brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. If you are using this extension, your customer will have an option to compare key features of items from a different manufacturer and take a decision.

WooCommerce Products Compare requires you to do some settings on the back-end. But once it’s complete, it will become very easy to list new products and offer the same functionality for them.