WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method



WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method helps you connect your WooCommerce store directly with the UPS API and lets you place orders at UPS.
Version: 3.5.8
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WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method:

UPS is one of the major shipping methods used by a lot of stores, and approximately 30% of all products are shipped using UPS. WooCommerce is getting lots of attention in the E-commerce area, and the key reason for that is the support for extensions or add-ons which are available. UPS Shipping Method is one of them. This extension seamlessly integrates UPS API and your WooCommerce store.

After installation, you can see the simple settings and functions on the back end. You will be able to provide your customers with various methods of UPS shipping like airmail, priority, overnight, etc. Also, you can add shipping charges based on their selection and shipment type. You have the flexibility to choose which shipping material you want to use. You can use per item packing and also box packing. UPS API will calculate charges based on the dimension of your packing and weight of your packing.

Also, you can pre-defined various types of boxes on the back end with ease. As usual, you need to fulfill the minimum requirements to use this extension. And for using UPS Shipping Method, the minimum requirement is to have SimpleXML on your server. WooCommerce has many good shipping extensions like UPS, USPS, FedEx and so on and giving the customer a choice for their shipping preference will significantly increase customer retention and repeat purchases.