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WPCode makes it easy and safe to add custom WordPress features through code snippets, so you can reduce the number of plugins on your site.
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WPCode.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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WPCode Pro:

Finally, a WordPress Snippet Plugin that’s both Easy and Powerful. WPCode makes it easy and safe to add custom WordPress features through code snippets, so you can reduce the number of plugins on your site.


  1. Ready Made Snippets Library: Save time by using over 100+ expert-approved snippets to add custom WordPress functionality.
  2. Custom Code Snippets: Full support for custom PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, Text, and other types of custom code snippets.
  3. Smart Conditional Logic: Load code snippets only when it matches specific conditions such as logged-in user, specific page URL, etc.
  4. Advanced Auto-Insert Locations: Automatically run code everywhere, or choose from options like before post content, only in header, etc.
  5. Global Header Footer Scripts: Easily add sitewide header & footer scripts, meta tags, and other conversion pixels on your site.
  6. Safe Error Handling: Helps you prevent common code errors when adding custom snippets to ensure you never break your site.
  7. WordPress Code Generators: Safely create custom code snippets by simply filling a form without having to worry about the code.
  8. E-Commerce Conversion Pixels: Add conversion pixels for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads using precise locations and rules.
  9. Dynamic Content Elements: Reuse content across your site with custom shortcodes in an easy-to-use interface making content updates a breeze.

Speed Up WordPress – Reduce Plugins with WPCode Snippets Library:

You can replace tens of plugins with our ready-made code library. On average a website can reduce at least 6 – 8 plugins

  • Future-proof your site with advanced snippets written by our experts and tested across a variety of setups.
  • Reduce bloat by using snippets for specific functionality instead of loading a full plugin.

Manage All Your Site Scripts and Custom Code Snippets in One Place:

Save your favourite snippets in your private cloud library so you can easily reuse them across the websites you manage.

  • Never look for a snippet you used on another website again once you save it to your WPCode library.
  • Set up new sites faster and with more confidence by reusing code without having to copy/paste or configure a snippet again.

Smart Conditional Logic for Code Snippets to Improve Personalization

You control where your snippets are loaded using our advanced Smart Conditional Logic rule builder.

  • Target specific pages using relevant rules and avoid loading unused scripts or snippets site-wide.
  • Advanced targeting rules for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and more make it easier than ever before to improve your site.

and much more…

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