Cost & Reports for WooCommerce

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Cost & Reports for WooCommerce includes valuable and unique sales reports. The reports show in detail your actual profits and income.
Version: 3.4.6
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Cost & Reports for WooCommerce:

Add purchase price, cost and cost of goods to your products/variations. New prices are calculated and suggested based on these values using your Markup (profit margin). These values give you direct control over your store’s profits and revenue. With the included table editor and its bulk features, you can easily add and update all these values. In addition, you can seamlessly update inventory, and see value at cost, sales value and total profit. The price selector (NEW) gives you several options to automatically calculate and view: retail value, value at cost and profit based on the price you select (i.e inc.VAT).

Cost & Reports for WooCommerce includes valuable and unique sales reports. The reports show in detail your actual profits and income, not just bestsellers, but down to product or variation level. Retrieve reports by predefined or a selected date range, see your acceptable profit (green background marking) and unacceptable profit (red background marking). Download reports as .csv or Export table data (based on your filters) for further processing in applications such as MS Excel or Apple Numbers.

In short, Cost & Reports:

  • Adds vital information on your store profit and revenue.
  • Add valuable fields to your product/variations like purchase price, cost, shipping, cost of goods and Markup.
  • Help you make more accurate prices for your store (with the cost of goods and Markup).
  • History editable metadata is added to your order lines (purchase price and cost of goods).
  • table editor that helps you bulk add/update your costs, profit margins, prices, stock and more.
  • Export functions (as .CSV or .xlsx)
  • Price selector for regular price and current price (inc. and ex. VAT)
    • Coloured border (gold) on products ON SALE NEW
    • Coloured font (blue) on prices inc. VAT NEW
    • Calculates Value at cost, Retail value and Profit based on the price selector NEW
  • Reports per order, customers and product/variation (table view). Including:
    • Search/filter by, date ranges, averages, profits, net sales, taxes, a sidebar with summary information and bestsellers.
    • Bestsellers with information like profit, sales and turnover.
    • Product reports that dynamically calculate while filtering.
    • Export as .csv file
    • Export table to .xlsx (MS Excel or Apple Numbers)
    • Live reports and counter (new orders)
  • Compatible with Products, Variations, Subscriptions, Cost of goods, Bulk Table Editor, Order Status Manager and more
  • POT file for translations (English, German NEW and Norwegian)

The table editor can bulk update: purchase price, cost, shipping cost, cost of goods, Markup, Price and Stock. It calculates a correct price (suggested price based on the item cost and Markup). In addition:

  • Displays cost value (per row and summed)
  • Retail value (per row and summed)
  • Profit (per row and summed)
  • A number of search/filter options
  • Show/hide ID and SKU  NEW
  • Sorting by column
  • On Sale indicator – gold coloured border (price column) NEW
  • Export to CSV file (opens in MS Excel or Apple Numbers)
  • Export current table (.xlsx) NEW

and much more…

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