WooCommerce Composite Products

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WooCommerce Composite Products lets you organize your products in kits and sell them more productively to customers.
Version: 9.0.4
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WC.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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WooCommerce Composite Products:

The plugin will enhance your product display by intelligently bundling the items as per your criteria. With the use of this extension, you can create kits instead of selling single items and display them along on a single product page and give your customers more choices. This extension is very easy to use and you can create hundreds and thousands of product kits using this tool. But it will not change your customer experience in any way.

On installation for the first time, WooCommerce Composite Products will map all your products. On the single product edit screen, it will allow you to define various composite product kits. You can even define rules to create these kits dynamically. Furthermore, your customers will love to have extra options while selecting an item. This will display kits on the product screen as well as on the cart page. Your customer can choose it and proceed to checkout.

Create complex, configurable product kits to increase your sales numbers

Selling an individual product is an opportunity missed. Composite products for WooCommerce plugin allows you to mix individual product and create a bundle of product to sell. This gives you all the features and functionality to create such bundles. Whether you are selling mobiles or groceries, you can always sell more with this plugin instead of selling just a single item.

Allow your customer to create bundles of products to buy them together

Not just creating a product group and selling them but this plugin allows your customers to handpick items they need. You can display all related products and allow the customer to choose the ones they need. This plugin will automatically change the cart total, shipping option, and so on.

Complete flexibility for design to integrates it seamlessly into your current theme.

WooCommerce integrates itself seamlessly in most recent time themes. But if you want to change the looks of the product page, you need coding knowledge. Composite products plugin is coded in such a manner that it will integrate with your theme. Hence no extra coding will be required. It is simple to install and use.

Other powerful features:

  1. Powerful stock inventory management even if it is a complex product to make your life easier.
  2. Expand it the way you prefer so that you are never left behind the market.
  3. Support all WooCommerce extensions, including Product Add-ons, Product Bundles, and One Page Checkout.