WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite

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WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite lets you export customer purchase data from your WooCommerce store in XML format.
Version: 5.5.0
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WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export SuiteWooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite:

WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite:

You can use this extension for exporting data of your customers and their orders. You may be wondering, why we need to do so? Everyone has to face challenges in keeping shipping and account details up to date. If you are using cloud accounting services like FreshBooks, you won’t need this extension. But if you don’t use FreshBooks, read on.

Today online services come with a powerful API, which will integrate well with WooCommerce. But you will find many services who do not provide API and integrating your WooCommerce Store with them is very difficult. You are required to manually feed your data into their service. In such cases, it will consume a lot of your energy and time. This will affect your business. You will have less time promoting it. That means a loss for you.

Customer Order XML Export Suite – WooCommerce Extension is created for this purpose. You will be able to export your customer and order data in XML format using various methods available in this extension. You can export a single order or you can export data in bulk as well. Your task will be done in a few clicks after importing the data in your desired service.

Don’t wait. Get this plugin today and start exporting your data.