WooCommerce Subscriptions

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WooCommerce Subscriptions help you sell Subscriptions, Premium Content, Memberships, etc. on your WooCommerce store and helps in recurring billing.
Version: 6.4.1
100% Original Plugin. The Same plugin found on WC.
Includes 1 Year of Updates.

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WooCommerce Subscriptions:

This is one of the most useful extensions built for WooCommerce. Due to this extension, more and more developers are adopting WooCommerce as their online store platform. With the help of this powerful and flexible extension which integrates very well with almost all WooCommerce functions whether its cart, checkout, coupons, or various payment gateways.

You can sell products like a newspaper, website subscription, newsletters, magazine, club membership, etc. with subscriptions that require recurring billing. Our website is also built using WooCommerce and Subscriptions. It gives you the flexibility to choose various subscription periods from days to months, signup price, free trial, etc. Not only that you can also manually add and remove subscriptions.

WooCommerce Subscriptions come with easy use management interface and give you all details of your current and past subscribers. It also allows you to change subscriptions as per your requirements and will also enable tracking of your subscriber’s renewal history. It has its coupon system which will be useful to provide users with incentives like free sign-up promotion or low subscription charges discounts. WooCommerce Subscriptions are also compatible with Paypal and Paypal Digital Goods gateways. You can also offer your customers other payment gateways like cash or cheques.